As a child I was drawing a lot sitting in my grandma's kitchen. Later I wanted to create interesting things and I was studying etching: playing with acid and printing as old masters of graphics during Fine Arts studies at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Meantime I got to know culture differences during graphic studies in Palermo, Italy.

After being inspired by designing useful things I started to collaborate with new Polish man fashion brand NO ATTACK where I was responsible for visual identity, prints, embroidering, hot foil cut or packaging. Currently at Team LEWIS, I do visual creation working for : Mozilla, F5 Network, Casamundo, Trusted Shops, Shimano, Takasaki City or Samsung. I also collaborate with other LEWIS offices around the world (Lenovo, Amazon Web Services).

With passion and strong belief that „we can” I support animal organizations with visual content which helps animals (Open Cages, Na Paluchu – Warsaw Animal Shelter).

In my everyday life I am a big fan of animals and moving around the city on my scooter.

What do I do?

Visual identity, designing for social media (infographics, facebook cover and posts, infobits, video), designing for print (ATL, BTL, POS).